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My day started the same as any other. I'd shown up late for work because I'd slept through my alarm, my greasy boss (who was two years younger than me!) ranted on about the importance of punctuality in the workplace, I was told I wouldn't be paid for the hour I'd missed and was sent to work behind the counter to serve burgers in a ridiculous hat. The way my boss ranted on about time keeping and always having a smile was just wrong - he was probably trying to validate his sorry excuse for a job by treating our pathetic food court like it was the Ritz. We weren't even licensed to serve alcohol. I'd been working (if you can call it that) at the food court for almost a year now, ever since I finished college. It was dull, unfulfilling and by the end of every day I wanted to blow my brains out. I never had much ambition -- I was too absorbed in my hobby to have career prospects. Call me Daisuke Hino, anime fan! I was wild about anime; they call my kind of obsessive fandom 'otaku' in Japan. I think anime has been responsible for so many good things: anime gifs, good video games, good merchandise...and, of course, good porn! My god, the porn was good. I'd never been into regular porn -- in all honesty, it grossed me out a little. Believe me; I didn't have a problem with sex or anything like that. In fact, I'd been spending the better half of my life trying to have sex (sadly to no avail). The first time I watched a porno was at my best friend's house. We were bored and he asked if I wanted to see something cool. Thinking he was going to produce a hovercraft of something to that effect, I said sure. The next thing I knew, we were watching 'Sex Trek: The Next Penetration'. I just didn't like the whole juicy camera shot, slutty futanari gifs up for all sorts, thing. I preferred Hentai (anime porn) because the girls were all so adorable and the sex scenes were better and had more of a story. I finished work at ten and made my way next door to 'Tuski no Sakura Anime Megastore'. If I had any career ambitions it would've been to work there. I'd have loved to have spent my day surrounded by anime collectables, think of the employee discount! Plus, upstairs they had their adult section which was a freaking dream come true for a guy like me. Unfortunately, I could never afford any merchandise and the store wasn't hiring any time soon. I stood looking in the shop window, dreaming of what it would be like to get my hands on a giant Kon plush toy, for almost fifteen minutes before heaving a sigh of defeat. The only light girl anime eyes drawing step by step from the shop window, it was a badly light street, so I didn't notice the little blue cat sat next to me. Of course, I tripped and fell flat on my face. My hands were grazed and bleeding but the devil creature seemed fine. Moreover, it mewed at me and began to follow me home futanari. "Get lost." I growled, looking down at its little, heart shaped face. Its fur was a weird shade of blue-gray. I walked for three blocks with a pair of huge, green eyes following me. "Look, you've made me bleed, if you're after an apology it's just not going to happen." I laughed before turning to the animal. It began to rub up against my legs, which would've been cute had it not started playfully clawing at my shoelaces. I thought I could get rid of it by leaving it some food so I got out the remains of an outstandingly dull ham sandwich and shoved them under the cat's nose. Sure enough, it remained on the spot to finish off my mediocre lunch. It was the following morning when things took a turn for the weird magic girls anime. It was around half past six when I heard a strange scratching noise at my door. Living in a bedsit apartment meant there was little but a flight of stairs separating me and the outside world. It was at this time in my life I discovered how much of a sissy I actually manga gifs was. I shot out of (pullout) bed and ran to my bathroom in the search for a weapon. I went for my razor but found I was physically shaking with fear resulting in my not being able to remove the protective cap. Brandishing the biggest utensil I could find (wonderland online hentai), and wondering why I didn't head for the kitchen area instead, I made for the door. I could still hear the ominous scratching, like someone was scraping my door with a blade, as I reached for the key. I don't know if I screamed or not as I shoved the door open and fell into the hallway. Smashing, I landed on my front hentai gifs a prime target for a knife fucking from a burly maniac. I awaited my untimely death with anticipation but found that, instead of shoving a machete into my anus, my attacker was nuzzling the back of my bdsm anime gifs. This time I knew I screamed as I jumped back to threaten the stranger with my toilet brush manga gifs. "Good morning, nyaa." Cooed the cutest voice I'd ever heard. There was no balding mental institution escapee, instead there was a girl...a very innocent looking, very naked girl. This girl looked to be about nineteen, she wasn't very tall but you could sort of tell. She cocked her head to the side, a mass of long, blue-gray hair swishing with it, and met my eyes with her own. They were huge and green and she was staring at me with such intensity that I felt my heart slow. "Who are you?" I asked, attempting to swallow the new formed lump in my throat. "I don't have a name, master, I'm a stray." She said. Her eyed welled up in shame. "Stray? As in you don't have a home? And, you're naked!" I cried turning away to offer the girl some humility. A short introduction revealed this girl had been looking for me all night. She claimed she was the cat I fed my lunch to and she had resolved to bring me good fortune. She professed she was violence anime gifs and good luck would be bestowed upon anyone who gave her a name. In the midst of it all, I couldn't help think I'd read a comic similar to this. So all I had to do was give her a name? It sounded ridiculous, I know. But, when a naïvely adorable stranger randomly turns up at your door in the nude, you shouldn't really expect a straight answer. I let her into my apartment and gave her one of my shirts to wear whilst we pondered names together. "How about Sakura? It means cherry blossom." I suggested whilst yawning. The cat-girl shook her head. "I want a cat name not a human name..." She requested. I didn't know many cat names apart from 'Fluffy' and 'Tiger' but they were so generic hentai birth scene. "How about Tama? It means 'ball' in Japanese" I informed. My guest cocked her head to the side again and after a few minutes she nodded wonder woman hentai manga. "Tama is nice. I'd like to be Tama. Thank you master!" She laughed diving on top of me. She nuzzled down into my chest as I, confusedly, tried to move under her anime porn gif. I wasn't used to having girls around and certainly wasn't used to any degree affection from them. I could feel her breasts heave through my shirt against my own chest. Her legs wrapped around my waist like she was clinging to my body for support. "T-Tama? Are you okay?" I asked. She looked me dead in the eye with a very serious expression for what seemed like forever. Then, she licked the tip of my nose. I woke up two and a half hours later practically suffocating because of the girl sleeping on my chest. This must've been the first time I'd ever woken up before my alarm went off. I rolled Tama onto the bed so I could head to the bathroom. I wasn't entirely sure how I was supposed to be handling this situation -- I figured I would have to play it by ear. As I turned her onto the bed my shirt rode up her legs revealing her pink pussy. It was clean shaven...nowhere on her body below the neck had an ounce of hair it seemed. Tama lay with her legs spread, I watched as her body slowly rose with every breath. A thousand thoughts raced through my head: 'She can't really be a cat, can she? This is so inappropriate. What if she catches me looking at her? She didn't seem to mind being naked in front of me. Am I really staring at a pussy's virginity pussy gifs ?' I chuckled at the mental pun before retiring to the bathroom. When my alarm did, finally, go off Tama awoke. She caught me tying my shoe laces and asked me where I was going. "I've got to work today...what are you going to do?" I asked. Tama approached me and kneeled down to rest her head on my lap. "I will stay here and wait for master." She confirmed with the answer I suspected. I wasn't all too comfortable with the idea of a stranger being in my apartment but it wasn't like I had anything worth stealing. As I said goodbye I wondered if that was what it would be like to have a girlfriend to bid me farewell. All day at work Tama was on my mind. Who was she? Why did she, an insanely (hentai gifs) beautiful girl, want to stay with me? I didn't believe for a second that she was a cat...maybe she'd just seen me with the cat and had gotten confused. Should I have taken her to a doctor or something? Maybe she had amnesia. Aside from having Tama on my brain, there had never been a day go by where I didn't think about anime. I was desperate for that Kon plushie and it was payday today. I rarely had money to spend on luxuries, everything went on bills. It was once in a blue moon where tips were so good they constituted as a worthy addition to a pay check. How I ended up with the accumulation of £20 was beyond me. Maybe Tama was lucky after all? I didn't ask questions, I just raced to next door after work. I'd been kicked out of the anime store so many times for window shopping that I wasn't allowed in unless I could prove I was going to buy something. I waved my £20 in the clerks face and told him I was defiantly going to buy the toy but took the opportunity to eye up the new stock whilst I was on the inside. After browsing the action figures and Gundam DVD's I made my way to the 'adult' section. I never bought porn, not when the internet was so rife with complimentary downloadables, but sometimes I'd be a bit stuck on what to whips gifs. The section was even more drool worthy than I remembered. Aside from a mammoth collection of hentai anime and manga, they sold some of the cutest and most innocent looking dildos I'd ever seen. I passed the shelves, amazed at all the sexual paraphernalia, and came across a mannequin sporting a sexy maid's outfit. It was short, ruffled, covered in lace and it came with its own stockings, garter and feather duster. I imagined what Tama would look like in it. Not that I'd be seeing her dressed like that any time soon. Aside from probable reluctance on her part, the outfit was £30 -- way out of my price range top hentai to watch. Shit, that reminded me Tentacle and Witches. Women tended to need clothes bondage hentai gifs. As far as I was aware, Tama didn't arrive with any luggage. I held my twenty crinkled in my fist. If I left without buying anything they'd probably ban me temporarily... ******************** "Welcome home master Daisuke!" Tama sang. I smiled as she dove on me, knocking me to the floor hentai gifs. "I'm actually shocked you're still here, I half expected my bed linen to be gone." I tittered. Tama just looked confused. "Anyway..." I cleared my throat. "These are for you. I don't know how size works for women and the lady in the shop though I was buying them for myself but..." I handed her a set of three white panties. anime threesome gifs I turned to rummage around in my carrier bag for the other stuff I'd bought and when I emerged with a pair of jeans and a T (second hand but she didn't have to know) I saw that she was crying. "Oh my god Tama! I didn't mean to offend you if they're too big" I panicked. She blinked through her tears and dove on me once again, tough I managed to keep my balance. "I'm just...grateful. Master is so kind and looks after me!" She sobbed burying her face into my neck. I felt uncensored hentai gif good about having made her happy. I could feel her soft breath on my neck as we embraced for quite a while. I patted her on the head breaking free before reaching to give her the shirt to try on. She had little modesty, ripping my old shirt off to stand naked before me. She wrestled with her new shirt for a moment; having supposedly never worn clothes before she was perplexed to how it all worked. I wanted to help her but her struggle was both adorable and hilarious, that I couldn't move for laughing. "Tama I- hehehehe...Come here I'll fix it hehehehe." The next thing I knew she'd crashed into me and we'd both tumbled onto my sofa bed. Her small breasts cushioned my fall. I realised I was laid over her. "I'm sorry Tama!" I gasped jumping off. She remained laid down with the shirt hanging off her arms. "Maybe I don't have to put it on right away." She suggested in a breathy voice. I smiled at the girl. She rolled onto her front, got on all fours, yawned and stretched her back out. She really was a lot like a cat. She was also smoking hot and naked...again. I refused to believe the fact that I'd gotten an erection was creepy. I was gangbang hentai gifs a healthy twenty two year old male -- it'd be creepier if I didn't get hard watching a naked hottie stretch in front of me. Still, I felt guilty. It wasn't like she knew the effect she had on people. I turned away and approached the cooker rape hentai gifs. "I've got some fish for tonight. I didn't know what you liked so I thought fish would be safe given your...umm...past circumstance." I laughed opening a can of tuna. I made a pretty mean tuna pasta bake. Suddenly, I felt a bump around my shins. I looked down to find Tama on all fours looking up at me. "I look forward to the food master prepares." She told me with a natural pout playing on her lips. Why did she have to be so sexy? I thrust my hips against the oven door to mask my raging hard on. "Master, may you stroke me please?" She asked in a sultry voice. My eyes widened. It took me a moment to realise what she meant. I scolded myself for making it perverted in my mind and bit my lip. "Umm...yeah sure...I guess." I winced. blowjob hentai gifs If she wanted to be treated like a cat then so be it. I put the tuna tin on the floor allowing her to eat from it and I stroked her up and down her back as she did so. The next thing was a little weird. She purred, but I don't mean like when a human imitates a cat, I mean like an actual cat. Stroking her naked body was unnerving for me. It felt like my crotch was going to explode. I touched her from the soft hair on her head, all the way down the smooth dip in her back, to just before her plump ass monster gangbang porn. She finished the tuna and looked up at me once more. "Master is good." She stated. Having her here was stroking my ego but I wished she'd stroke something else. Ah! Again! My mind wad being perverse by making sexual segways. What was wrong with me? Was I so sexually deprived that I had to hit on inexperienced young ladies? Then, Tama let out a little gasp. "Oh! Master I will submit." She said to me proceeding to turn away and lay her front down, sticking her ass up in the air. I could see the opening of her pussy staring at me face on. "Wh-what's up Tama?" I choked. "How could I not submit to someone so kind? I was worried because you were a human you couldn't smell me in heat but its okay now you are ready." She chimed. In heat? Did she mean she was horny? She looked over her shoulder, her cheeks blushing, and wiggled her ass. "Go ahead." She instructed bondage hentai gifs. Shit. She must've seen my erection and felt obligated to have sex with me. This wasn't what I wanted at all. "It's okay Tama, you don't have to." I told her. She blinked over her shoulder at me before reclining from her sexual pose anime online sub eng, hentai update. I didn't realise that she was honestly gagging for it until I fell hentai porn gif. My boner stood tall throughout the night and I'd gone to bed stiff as a flagpole. Half asleep, I thought watch anime gif must've been having a wet dream because I began to feel incredibly good. My cock was so warm and wet and its head was tingling with pleasure. I felt precum seep out of it. The sensation was soft and repetitive on different parts of my body. I groaned as it rose up and down the underside of my shaft, heating and soaking my penis at the same time english dubbed hentai porn. Then, there began a stroking sensation over the head, swirling and flicking my at manhood. It moved all the way down to my balls before engulfing one whole and suckling for a while. My eyes snapped open as I let out a huge breath of pleasure. I jolted upright and looked down to find Tama's mouth wrapped around my penis. "Tama...Ooh...mmmm...Wh-what are you...mmmm...doing?" I tried to ask stifling moans of ecstasy. The face that looked up from my crotch was filled with frustration. "Please master. I need it. I know it's awful to ask watching anime after everything but..." she mewed returning to pleasuring me. I breathed heavily with every movement of her tongue. "Tama I'm gonna...stop, stop!" I ordered anime teenage girls. It was at that moment I resolved that I wasn't going to blow my load until she'd come herself. No way was my first time going to be that unmemorable. Being a twenty two year old virgin had its advantages -- I'd learnt the faux pas of sex through TV, porn, literature and firsthand accounts from my friends. I wasn't about to screw this one up. I laid Tama down on her front and surveyed her beautiful form. She was petite in every way, from breasts to hips but I liked her tight little body and pert bosom. I made for her nipples; they were tan coloured and immediately erect. I gently slid my tongue over them watching her expression relax into a hypnotic state. I then proceeded further south. God thank Wikipedia for its thorough explanation of the vagina. I heard anime hentai gif that going for the clit right away was like someone just attacking the head of your penis -- pointless. I needed to get the blood flowing to all the right places so I kissed and licked her lower abdomen. I rolled dear Tama over and grazed her perfect ass with my teeth. She seemed to like it rough like that. I'd read somewhere that cats have a sensitive spot on the underside of their tale. I fumbled around kneading her ass till I hit right in the centre of the small of her back, just where her spine ended above her butt cheeks. It was like I'd electrocuted her, she tensed all over and whimpered: "Master..." Bingo. I progressed to varying between kneading and licking that special spot sending Tama writhing in delight. Maybe it was time to go for the vagina? I brought my fingers down, brushing the rim of her anus as they travelled, to her gaping pussy. It was completely saturated in her juices. I fingered her hole rhythmically for a good couple of minutes. I had a wonderful view of her ass stuck in the air. The little balloon-knot opening waved at me as her hips lightly thrust of their own accord anime search site gifs. I blinked as a thought hit me. Whilst I worked her pussy, going back and forth from hole to clit, I stuck my tongue out and rimmed her anus. I swirled and twirled until there was some give in her tight asshole and eased part of my tongue in. Her heavy breathing turned to panting. I then advanced to give her the finger fucking of a life time -- I moved in and out continuously as the tip of my tongue churned around her ass masturbation gifs. Her hips were moving like a juggernaut while she called out: "Master Daisuke! I please drive your tongue deep inside my anus." I did as I was told. I felt her lunge back and forth forcing me to match her rhythm. Well, she knew what she liked! I'd never moved my tongue this fast before. Her ass was really stretching now, I had as much of my tongue inside her as possible. I stirred up her pussy at a rate of knots and I knew she was close. She hadn't stopped moaning for a while. "Soon! Ahh! Soon!" she cried. This was it. With my spare hand I drove two fingers onto that spot at the base of her spine and felt a wave of cum surge over my fingers as she screamed "NYAAAA! MAAAASTER!" at the top of her lungs. I took a moment to stand back and review my work. Juices dripped from her pussy and her ass? Had I made her cum from her butt too? The moisture ran down her inner thighs making them shine. Tama was laid completely paralyzed with bliss... ...Bliss that I would share soon enough. I lay next to her to receive my long awaited attention but she didn't move. I turned and saw her eyes shut and her little body take shallow breaths. After all that, I didn't have the heart to wake her...There was always tomorrow...I supposed.

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