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I'm an avid comic-book fan, and also a big manga fan. I like to read comics and manga, but in my spare time, I also like to draw. I don't draw complete stories for the moment, just isolated scenes and characters. I'm not a pro, but I'm progressing, thanks in part to my drawing light box. This handy device is a portable drafting table that is uniformly backlit by LED lights. Since it is easily transportable, I take it with me almost everywhere. On the train, which I commute to work every day, my drawing light box keeps me busy. I also use it in bed to draft some sketches before bedtime. At first, I used it mainly for tracing, which helped me to improve my drawing skills a lot. Now I no longer trace other people's drawings, but I make my own art. Moreover, my light pad is very useful for inking my boards directly from my pencil sketches (by placing them underneath, under the paper sheet where I do the inking). I am a big fan of my drawing light box!
  • Centres d'intérêts : Bande dessinée, Mangas

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